Christmas – it’s coming!

Love it or loathe it, there’s no getting away from it. Christmas is well and truly on its way. From party food to glamorous gifts, the High Street is heaving with all things festive.

Of course, the sensible people will have sorted out their Christmas shopping well in advance. The rest of us may mock when our practical friends buy their Xmas gifts in September or even before, but they don’t seem so silly when we’re fighting our way through hordes of fellow shoppers who have also left their present buying to the last minute!If you’re a serial procrastinator when it comes to Christmas shopping, you can avoid at least some of the aggravation of crowds and grumpy shop assistants by getting out first thing in the morning, especially if you’re doing your shopping in really busy places like Oxford Street in London. You can make your purchases in relative peace before lunchtime when the crowds really get going. While they’re all battling to get to the counters to pay, you can be sitting down for a well earned glass of wine with a nice, relaxed lunch.    


Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be so bad after all!