Nowali - Classic Moccasins


£16.00 £23.00


The original moccasin from Nowali, Sweden. A unique combination of a sock

and a shoe, which extends above the ankle so preventing it from coming off.

The moccasins have genuine leather soles which allows feet to move freely

and helps prevent slipping on wooden and stone floors and at the same time

ensuring that little feet keep cosy and warm around the house.

Wear them inside wellies for the perfect boot socks.

Product Features:

  • Double elasticated ankle to ensure moccasins stay on
  • Soft leather soles allowing the foot to move freely
  • Non skid bottoms are perfect for young walkers
  • The leather sole is stitched on by hand to ensure a perfect finish

Fabric Features:

  • 85% cotton, 5% lycra, 10% polyamide
  • Genuine leather soles
  • Oeko-tex certified yarn
  • Machine washable at 40 degrees

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